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Hi and Welcome!

I'm glad you're here. It's not easy looking for a therapist, and reaching out can often be the hardest part.  You may have been in therapy before and found it helpful--maybe gained some important insights or learned some useful skills--but you want to go deeper. You want to feel more confident and less overwhelmed. I want that for you too.  At times, I may challenge you to think differently or dive a little deeper to really tune into an uncomfortable feeling. I want to help you understand what you aren't getting or didn't get in the past and what's getting in the way now. I want you to really know what it's like to embrace a sense of confidence, compassion, and self-love even if you don't know what that looks like yet.

In general I'm a gentle, open, and thoughtful person with a silly side. I've worked in various nonprofit, community mental health, and research settings and have now found my way into private practice, which I love. When I'm not doing therapy, I can be found hiking, decorating, tending to my plants, and playing with my dog, Lulu. 

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My approach

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I believe that therapy is a process not only for understanding and working through sadness, anxiety, anger, trauma, or low self-esteem but also for growing and creating more joy and connection.


I have a special interest and expertise in working with women struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-doubt who want to better understand themselves and ultimately have more confidence. I have specialized training in complex and childhood trauma (those who were hurt, neglected, abused, or not loved properly as a child). I also love working with people who are curious about themselves and may at times label themselves as a highly sensitive person (HSP), particularly those who got the message somewhere along the way that they were too much, that they were too sensitive, or that they should feel guilty for having the feelings they did. Generally, you feel things intensely, and you may be acutely aware of the hurts of others (at times you may even feel too aware). I not only understand and welcome big emotions but celebrate them.


I focus on a person's strengths and understand the profound impact that trauma can have on a person's life. A number of theories inform my work with clients. These include internal family systems (IFS), brainspotting (a mind-body therapy), psychodynamic and attachment theory, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). In all my approaches, I strive to provide a space in which exploring both old and new hurts feels safe; allowing all feelings to be seen and heard fully. 


VA: 0904012784

MA: 123341

DC: LC200001574


If you think we may be a good fit or want to learn more, please reach out for a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

(240) 257-2669

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