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What can we work on together?


Trauma doesn't just stem from a terrible car accident or a natural disaster. It can also be the result of racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia. Oftentimes the most damaging forms of trauma can stem from a harmful relationship, one where you often felt rejected or made to feel less-than. Sometimes we carry the wounds of relational trauma from childhood long into our adult lives.


You may feel sad. You may feel empty. Maybe at times even guilty or hopeless. Depression can manifest differently for different people. Sometimes depression can mean not doing things you used to do like hanging out with friends regularly or doing an activity you once loved. Other times it might mean feeling blocked when you try to imagine a future you want.

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Your mind is always going. Maybe you have moments where you notice your heart racing or your palms sweating. Maybe you find yourself analyzing every social situation you've ever found yourself in. Maybe you find yourself never being able to fully enjoy the present because of fears or worries bouncing around in your head.

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Deep thinkers, highly sensitive people (HSP), and big feelers 

You feel things intensely. You think deeply. Somewhere along the way, you may have gotten the message that this wasn't okay. But what if you learned your sensitivity was a strength? Therapy can help you to fully embody your strength, and it can heal the parts of you that might at times make it hard to connect to your inner strength.

Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Not sure what you need?

We can figure that out too! Sometimes people get stuck or they feel so overwhelmed by life that it's hard to know what to do next. Or maybe you have a sense that something just isn't right, and you want to discover what it is.

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